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Save Money with Denton Electric, Inc.

Save Money with Denton Electric, Inc.

There are many ways to save on the energy dollars we spend. In 2010, the United States will begin to phase out all types of incandescent lamps. That's the type of lamp you typically use all around your house.

Start now replacing them with compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), and save 78% on energy costs for the typical 60-watt incandescent lamp.

Denton Electric can install LED lighting in both retrofit and new construction options.

About Denton Electric, Inc.

Denton Electric, Inc., has been serving Denton residents since 1922. That's 87 years! Stuart Cawthon and Chris Walding are 3rd generation owners. We grew up in Denton, live here, and raised our children here in Denton. Our goal is to provide quality work and service with integrity.

Journeyman Electrician and Electrician Helper

Denton Electric Inc. is looking for Licensed Journeyman Electrician to run Service calls for our Company. Must have license and experience preferred in Service. Must speak English, have clean driving record, able to pass drug test. Work hours are 7:30 - 4, Monday - Friday. Apply in person at: Denton Electric Inc., 4205 Mesa Drive, Denton, TX 76207. Salary based on experience.

Denton Electric, Inc. is looking for Electrician Helper for our Company. Must speak English, have a clean driving record, able to pass drug test.  Work hours are 7:30 - 4, Monday - Friday.  Apply in person at Denton Electric, Inc., 4205 Mesa Drive, Denton, TX 76207.  Salary based on experience


Are you thinking Green?

Solar Panels

Green Power and technology is all the buzz these days. It's renewable, reliable, sustainable, and will pay for your initial investment in as little as 5 years.

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We are the Experts

We are the Experts

Denton Electric Inc, employs four master electricians to serve you. Most electric service companies only have one, but Denton Electric Inc., has four master electricians to provide quality service with integrity.

No Job is Too Small

No Job is too small

At Denton Electric, Inc., we install wiring for new and existing buildings. Whether it is wiring an entire building, adding a circuit for your computer systems, or repairing a lamp, Denton Electric, Inc. is here to help.

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