Service, Maintenance & Repair Work

Denton Electric Inc. is focused on serving customers in any way possible. Changing light fixtures and adding circuits are just two of the services that Denton Electric Inc. provides. You can see the entire list below.

Energy Saving Services from Denton Electric

  • lamp(light bulb) replacement
  • water heater timers
  • dimmers
  • motion sensors
  • occupancy sensors
  • ballast change-outs

General Services Offered by Denton Electric

  • plugs added
  • switches added
  • ceiling fan added
  • light fixtures added
  • light fixtures replaced
  • circuits added
  • kitchen remodel
  • bathroom remodel
  • service updates
  • panel replacement
  • outdoor power for pool equipment
  • outdoor power for shops
  • outdoor power for outdoor kitchens
  • outdoor power for barns
  • outdoor power for spas
  • lamp repair
  • emergency service
  • generator installations
  • troubleshooting electrical problems
  • storm damage repairs
  • telephone outlets
  • tv outlets
  • motors and controls
  • maintenance
  • repair work
  • new homes
  • building additions
  • ev charging systems
Let the 4 master electricians at Denton Electric Inc. handle your home electrician needs. If you have a situation that does not exactly align with what you see above, please give Denton Electric Inc. a call and let their 4 master electricians provide quality service with integrity. Contact Denton Electric today to have them help you with your next project.